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Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams

Dogs and cats benefit from an annual wellness exams and check-ups, just like we do. Your dog or cat will be carefully examined, to proactively identify any medical concerns in the earliest stages possible, before illness occurs. During these appointments, we will also discuss proper nutrition, preventative home dental care techniques, and the appropriateness of vaccinations and preventative measures against parasites, such as intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks and heartworms.

Annual Wellness Examinations & Vaccinations

Wellness Exams

At Northern Liberties Veterinary Center, we are knowledgeable about the current research, which indicates that most pet vaccinations are not necessary on a yearly basis. Also because no dog or cat vaccination is 100% risk free, it is important to design a personalized vaccine protocol for each pet, maximizing your pet’s protection against more-frequently encountered diseases, while using the fewest vaccines possible.

Our pets need specialized care in every phase of life.

For those dogs and cats approaching their senior years, we often recommend comprehensive blood testing at our animal hospital, so that we can diagnose your pet’s potential diseases and problems before they present serious health risks.


We strongly recommend that every owner consider a micro-chip for their pet. A microchip provides permanent identification for your pet. In the event that your pet is separated from you, it may be your only means of being reunited with him or her. Microchipping is a simple procedure. It can be performed during a routine visit, with no anesthetic required. We place a very small microchip underneath your pet’s skin, which contains your contact information.